Neoprene Water Bottle Carrier with Adjustable Shoulder Strap for 32 Oz Glass Water Bottle and Cleaning Brush Pack

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  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: This set includes a Water Bottle Carrier with strap plus a Cleaning Brush. Both fit and work perfectly with our FIT STRONG & HEALTHY 32 OZ Glass Water Bottles with Time Marks.
  • CARRIER: This black neoprene water bottle carrier with an adjustable strap is perfect to take your bottle for your outside activities: hiking, biking, walking, tennis, golf, sports games and etc. You can also use this neoprene water bottle sleeve inside of the house for extra protection from breakage and for extra water insulation. The water bottle strap is long enough so you can wear this water bottle holder as a crossbody water bottle holder.
  • CARRIER SIZE: Our water bottle holders are suitable for 32 Oz (or less) water bottles. The carrier's hight is 9.5 in and its diameter is 3 in. The strap is 47 inches in length.
  • CLEANING BRUSH: Our Black Silicone Bottle Brush is made out of silicone material. When using our bottle brush, just add warm, soapy water or dishwashing liquid to your bottle first, and then use the brush to scrub. For even better results, add baking soda to the mix and use the brush. You can, of course, use the brush to clean other drinking containers, like mugs, wine glasses, drinking glasses and etc.
  • CLEANING BRUSH SIZE: The cleaning brush length is 12.5 inches. The handle itself is 3 inches. The Brush does not absorb unpleasant odors and stains.