32 oz Glass Water Bottle with Straw Lid, Time Marker, Silicone Sleeve & Extra Lid (Lavender Sleeve)

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  • 💧 UPGRADED DESIGN & FUN COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM: Introducing our upgraded original aesthetic water bottle! This new version features an extra thick silicone sleeve, providing added protection, insulation, and a secure grip. Crafted from thick borosilicate glass, it's ideal for home, office, or gym use. We've also upgraded one of the lids to a convenient straw lid, perfect for sipping on the go. Choose from various colorful removable sleeves to personalize your style. Have fun picking your color!
  • 💧 STAY HYDRATED ALL DAY LONG: Say goodbye to constant refills! With just one refill in the afternoon, you can effortlessly achieve your daily water intake target. Our large glass water bottle features convenient time marks and ml measurements directly printed on the bottle. Join the movement to protect the planet by getting rid of single-use plastic bottles! Our reusable bottle helps reduce waste while keeping you hydrated in style. It's a positive step for both your health and the environment.
  • 💧 STRAW LID & WIDE MOUTH: This 32 oz wide mouth water bottle allows easy filling, cleaning, and adding ingredients. After adding water to the glass water bottle, you can effortlessly add ice cubes, fruits, or a scoop of nutrition or protein powder to create delicious blends by using it as a blender/shaker bottle. This upgraded version now includes a straw lid that makes it ideal for easy on-the-go hydration and also helps prevent spills and leaks.
  • 💧 CLEAR VIEW & TASTE: Our durable motivational glass water bottles are made from high-quality glass, offering you a clear view of your refreshing beverages and a clean taste without any plastic aftertaste to worry about. The dishwasher-safe feature (not for Hi-temp wash setting) adds to its convenience, but remember, handle it with care and avoid accidental drops. These are both functional and make great gifts so treat yourself or surprise a loved one now with our 32 ounces glass water bottles!
  • 💧 EXTRA LID INCLUDED: This bonus lid is designed for versatility and convenience. No worries if you misplace the straw lid; this spare lid ensures that you can continue enjoying your glass water bottle for an extended period of time. The straw lid is perfect for on-the-go sipping, while the extra screw-on flip cap lid allows for effortless refilling or whichever option suits your preference best.