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Our Most Popular Meal Prep Containers Set!

2 & 3 Compartment Containers Set (4 Pack)

MEAL PREP - FOOD STORAGE - PORTION CONTROL: Use these leakproof glass storage containers not only for FOOD STORAGE in the KITCHEN, ON THE GO or in the OFFICE, but also for COOKING and BAKING in the conventional oven at up to 450°F (lid off).

DURABLE, ECO-FRIENDLY & LEAKPROOF: These Reusable and Stackable Glass Meal Prep Containers are made of the most DURABLE high resistance BOROSILICATE glass and they come with THE BEST on the Market LIFETIME lasting snap locking lids!

1 & 2 & 3 Compartment Glass Meal Prep Containers Set (3 Pack)

These Bottles Are SUPER Popular!

32 oz Glass Water Bottle with Time Marker  Reminder / Motivational Water Bottle for Hydration (Black or Blue or Seafoam Sleeve)

REFILL ONCE AND YOU ARE DONE: Our daily water intake bottle has time markers on one side and ML markers on the other side printed directly on the glass bottle. You will only need to refill it once in the afternoon to hit your minimum daily water intake goal!

3 Compartment Glass Food Storage Containers Set (3 Pack)

Plastic Bento Box Lunch Containers (3 Pack, 39 Ounces)

PACK YOUR HOMEMADE, HEALTHY LUNCH ON THE GO: Tired of spending tons of money on pre-cooked meals and restaurants? Pack healthy, homemade dishes in this rectangle, eco-friendly BENTO LUNCH BOX, perfect for taking your MEALS and SNACKS to work, school, or on your business travels. Each Lunch Container capacity: 38.9 oz. Dimensions: 8.15" x 2.6" x 5.2".

32 oz Glass Water Bottle with Time Marker Reminder / Motivational Water Bottle for Hydration (Pink Sleeve)

TAKE IT ANYWHERE: Use this water bottle at home, office, take it to the gym or anywhere really! Our borosilicate glass water bottle comes with a stylish silicone sleeve to offer you additional protection and to provide an extra grip to the bottle. The sleeve is removable, so you can use the water bottle with or without it.

"These containers are awesome! I love the safety of reheating in glass. The dividers are perfect; I have the three and two compartment containers and I use them every day. Lids lock tight and make them easy to transport. Highly recommend! Well worth the money."

Amazon Customer

"Was looking for divided glass containers I could use for my school lunches. These are perfect. I got the 2 section and 3 section ones. They work really well for portion control too."

Amazon Customer

"I am in love with my new glass containers! I used to buy the Starbucks protein boxes everyday for convenience. Now I have these great eco friendly glass containers and I make my own! I save a ton of money, the environment, and the food is fresher."

Amazon Customer


  • IS THERE A DEADLINE FOR MY POST TO GO LIVE? - We suggest you post your experience on social media at least 7-10 days after receiving the product (30 days the latest). 

  • DO I GET PAID FOR MY POST? - YES! For participating in our campaign, we offer a reimbursement in the amount of the product purchase price (up to $27) after you posted your first Post and a Story on Instagram or Facebook and let us know by contacting us at at

  • HOW DO I KNOW HOW MANY SALES I BROUGHT IN? - You will be able to see all the stats in your affiliate account with us or Amazon. 

  • HOW WILL I RECEIVE THE PRODUCT? - To receive your product you will have to place an order through our website: or We will need to be able to verify your order.

  • DO I NEED TO HAVE A PAYPAL EMAIL? - No, you don't have to unless you want to get paid by PayPal! We will send you either an Amazon Gift Card or payment through PayPal depending on your preference. 

  • DO I HAVE TO LEAVE A PRODUCT REVIEW? - Leaving a product review is never an obligation for any of our friends, customers and ambassadors. However, we would really appreciate you sharing your honest opinion with others!

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  • HOW CAN I CONTACT YOU? - Please send us an email at

  • DO I HAVE TO BE FROM THE USA TO PARTICIPATE? - Yes, you must reside within the United States of America.