Liquid Vitamin D3 and K2 Drops with MCT Oil 5000 IU - BUNDLE OF 5

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  • SUPER SPECIAL PRICING! ☀️  EASY TO TAKE: Supplements are an essential support for our healthy living and longevity. We take them every day, but most of the time they come in a form of pills, capsules or soft gels that are hard to swallow. Our solution is - taking them in a liquid form! It's definitely easier to consume and for the body to process liquid vitamins, plus they don't have any unnecessary fillers or additives!
  • ☀️  FLEXIBLE DOSAGE: Because our vitamin d3 k2 supplement comes in drops, you can choose how many drops to take - each drop is 1000 IU (please consult with your physician or licensed qualified health care professional). If you take 5 drops (5000 IU) per day, this bottle will last you for up to 6 months (1 person)! Isn't it amazing?!
  • ☀️  MADE IN THE USA: Our vitamin d drops are manufactured in a GMP facility in Florida, USA. No artificial flavorings or preservatives were added. These vit d3 and k2 drops are soy-free, Pro 65 compliant, Gluten-free, and vegan friendly.
  • ☀️  SMART COMBO & BEST QUALITY: It's been discovered through research that vitamin d3 has a better absorption rate when combined with vitamin K2. We've spent months carefully developing this powerful D3 K2 liquid combination. We take pride in delivering only the best products to our customers.
  • ☀️  GREAT FOR the WHOLE FAMILY: After extensive research by many health professionals, it has been suggested that Vitamin D is essential for kids and adults. Because our vitamin d3 k2 supplements come in drops, it is easy to accommodate the different needs of your family members.